Jesus Wouldn’t Like my Instagram

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I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce this Thanksgiving break, particularly over the past year. A lot has happened and I’m proud that I (actually) accomplished a few of my New Years goals. But sadly, a few important ones that had to do with improving my relationship with Jesus for 2014 were epic fails.

A big one for me this year was to “divorce my phone.” I’m on it all the time. It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at before bed. What am I looking at most of the time, you may be wondering?


I love admiring (envying) the beautiful travel photos Travel & Leisure posts. Which reminds me, I need to go to Italy ASAP! I want every article of clothing Negin Mirsalehi wears in every one of her pictures. How is her hair so perfect? I get motivated to hop off the couch and go for a run after Kayla Itsines posts another rocking bod picture.

Let me preface, Instagram or Facebook isn’t bad, but I’ve noticed lately how unhealthy this has become for myself. I become so consumed with me. Why do we have to remind people of ourselves constantly and bring the attention back to us? Sure, it can be used for good or for inspiration. But it is a fine line to cross.

“The most miserable people in the world are those whom worship themselves, because it is an unquenchable thirst.” – Marian Jordan Ellis

In Genesis, it says God created us to be image bearers where we reflect the glory of God. But Satan deceives us and gets us to focus on ourselves. He makes us want to give ourselves the glory and attention when we are called to give God glory in everything we do. Instead of being a reflector of God’s glory, we become receptors; we want the glory. Satan gets us to turn our eyes to our own lives and wants, and we become so obsessed with self.

Satan at first was an angel created to serve God but the Bible says he fell from heaven due to his pride. He wanted to be God instead of serve Him. He wanted the glory for himself. And the idol of self leads to destruction.

We were created to give God glory, not to give ourselves glory. That’s the problem with Instagram, we make it all about ourselves. If Jesus looked at my Instagram, He probably wouldn’t like it. He would probably wonder why I care so much to post pictures of what I’m doing all the time, what am I trying to prove to people? He would probably ask me what is my hidden motive to posting this picture or that picture?

I probably waste hours upon hours looking at pointless things on my phone. Imagine if I took that time to instead listen to a podcast or sermon, read a book, or just do something that can edify me and actually be beneficial to my wellbeing.

So, one of my New Years Resolutions is to break up with my phone. I’m not boycotting Instagram; you will still see posts from me. I just want to do some things differently, like not be so obsessed with this screen in my hands. So, below I’ve listed 4 things I want to do differently. These are simple things that I think can help you and me break up with our phones. It’s time we take back the power from our phones, am I right?

1)    Instead of reaching for my phone first thing in the morning, I want to pray. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning without praying to God first.

2)    Instead of looking at my phone before going to bed every night, I want to read a book or listen to a sermon.

3)    I want to limit time on social media. Maybe even delete the app for a few days here and there, just to give myself a break.

4)    I’m going to start “forgetting my phone” when I head to class, to run a quick errand, or to go on a walk. Walking to class looking around at the beautiful campus is so much more relaxing then looking down at a screen anyway.

14 thoughts on “Jesus Wouldn’t Like my Instagram

  1. Can I just say I REALLY love what you’ve written. I too am a HUGE social media addict. The suggestion you made about waking up in the morning and praying instead of looking at your phone really spoke to me! It’s something that shouldn’t even be a resolution, you know? Sadly the world has shaped us to turn away from God. This really opened my heart to the things that God wants me to spend less time on. Great Work!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’ve found that deleting social media before bed helps me not reach for my phone first thing in the morning! I’m glad this was helpful! Thanks again 🙂


  2. Wow! This, along with the previous post that I just read, show such wisdom and growth on a life journey. I am glad I read this! But I am happier to see how many are touched by it, happier still to know that you wrote it!

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  3. Rip and I pulled out of our driveway one day to go to the beach for 5 days, and as we pulled out, we both turned off our radio and we “divorced” our phone. We knew if anyone had an emergency, they knew where we were staying. We gave them the name of the condo and the number there, and then we prayed….trusting God that if anything significant were to happen during our 5 days away to be ALONE with each other and God, that He was in full control. But for those 5 days, of NO phone….we took not one photo. We did not make one post on FB, not one Instagram pic was posted, nothing. No texting. No calls. No phone. Rip and I escaped for 5 days to be “husband and wife.” AND GOD HONORED IT!!! Nothing horrible happened back at the house, everyone was trusted into His care when we left and we found them right where we left them when we returned. In His care. And the best part….we have NO REGRETS, not one, The only PHOTOS of that romantic trip to the beach are only captured in “OUR” heart and mind. Only Rip and I remember the morning sunrises, and can recall the birds & all the sea shells we gathered in my pockets. And it is the most amazing thing too! After that trip, we both realized ….the power of putting down the phone. Walking away from the social medias because when you do, there is a quality of life that is TREASURED.

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